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Who's DrT?

  • I am an active stereo photographer, starting with a Stereo Realist (1988), advancing to the RBT S1 (1994), and finally switching to digital 3D with the Fuji W1 (2009). I enjoy many forms of 3D photography: Travel, people, macro, hyperstereos, nature close-ups, macro. I use a variety of cameras (Fuji, Panasonic 3D1), including several twin camera rigs. I participate in 3D competitions in Ohio, Detroit, PSA, and world-wide exhibitions. A sample of my stereo photography work in shown here.

  • I am a founding member of the Ohio Stereo Photographic Society and a member of various 3D organizations (NSA, ISU, PSA). I enjoy writing 3D Tutorials and I am currently the Editor of the Stereogram (since 1994) and ISU's Stereoscopy (since 2019). I maintain this 3D blog.

  • My other hobbies include running (I enjoy long distance running, from marathons to 100 mile races) and astronomy / stargazing mostly with binoculars (just for my personal viewing pleasure, with a little bit of astrophotography).

  • I sell things on ebay (I specialize in 3D but can sell anything).

  • I repair Stereo Realist cameras and various stereo slide viewers and projectors.

  • I sell supplies for stereo slide photography (RBT mounts, LED bulbs for viewers, etc.), 3D literature, collectibles (View-Master, stereo slides, stereoviews) vintage and modern 3D equipment (cameras, viewers, projectors, and supporting hardware). You can buy these via ebay or contact me for a package deal and possibly a better price.

  • I sell on commission so if you want to sell your unused 3D items or if you inherited items you want to sell, please contact me. 

  • If you have any questions, contact me and I will be happy to help.


Below you can see some of my products and services

If you see something of interest, contact me for details

I accept paypal and I ship all over the world

You can use this link to send a paypal payment:


Ebay Sales

In addition to standard stock items, I sell a lot of unique items on ebay

My ebay store is:

Here is how to navigate the ebay link

Click at the link: "Items for Sale" (arrow above)

From there you can select from categories on the left or you can just use the search box:

If you type anything in this box, it will search my items

You can use keywords like "Stereo Realist" or "stereoview" or "view-master"

Please Note: I sell quite a few glamour/nude stereo slides & stereoviews by various stereo photographers, so please have this in mind when you search so you are not surprised


Digital 3D Photography

I am an active digital 3D photographer 
and I use & support the following systems

Panasonic 3D Lens
I sell lenses as-is, or modified for close-up. I sell a kit to modify the lens. 
Also attachments that allow you to attach close-up lenses. Contact me for details.

Samsung NX1000 & NX Mini Twin Camera Systems

I have more information about this system on my blog here:

I sell mounts to attach two cameras in the z-configuration, twin cable releases, and a system to connect the zoom lenses. I also sell complete rigs, contact me for details.

Panansonic M4/3 cameras

I sell mounts and a twin cable release for these cameras

I also sell twin camera bars to hold twin cameras side-by-side or in the z-configuration

Shown below: Short bar to hold two cameras side-by-side, and hyperbar for very wide separation

Shown below: Posts to hold the cameras vertically

Sony Twin Cameras

I sell mounts and twin cable releases for these cameras

Shown below: Z-bar for the RX100 cameras (all versions)


Stereo Realist Camera & Viewer Repair Services
& 3D Slide (film) & print support

I repair Stereo Realist cameras & all types of stereo slide viewers

My specialty is the Stereo Realist red button viewer, which I can widen to 8p for wider images

Stereo Realist camera repair:

Stereo Realist viewer repair:

I have written a book on the Stereo Realist camera and several viewer books. 
You can find these on ebay:

I also sell RBT slide mounts and slide mounting pages:

Some information about mounting with RBT mounts:

Some of my best selling items are the LED bulb, Radex and OWL viewers:


3D Literature

I sell a variety of books, magazines CD, etc

Check my ebay listings for past Stereo World issues and other stereo literature


View-Master & 3D Collectibles

 I have lots of View-Master items, stereo slides & other collectibles on ebay

One of my specialties is stereo slides, both vintage and modern (a lot of the modern slides are nudes/glamour)

I also sell stereoviews, both vintage and contemporary

Here is the link to creative & erotic stereoviews 
by world renowned stereo photographer Boris Starosta


Commission Sales

I sell items on commission, mainly on ebay

I specialize on stereo photo items
but I can sell other photographic items and basically anything.

Information is here:

Contact me if you have items you want me to sell on your behalf. 


Updated: August 2020